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For Every Action There Is An Equal and Opposite Criticism.

When We Try To Pick Out Anything By Itself, We Find It Connected To The Entire Universe.

History Does Not Repeat Itself, Historians Merely Repeat Each Other.

Anything Is Possible If You Don't Know What You Are Talking About.

A Closed Mouth Gathers No Feet.

Everybody Lies; But It Doesn't Matter, Since Nobody Listens.

In Any Organization There Will Always Be One Person Who Knows What Is Going On.  This Person Must Be Fired.

No Matter Where You Go, There You Are.

If pro is the opposite of con, then progress must be the opposite of congress.

Denial is the truth until there is proof.

He who goes through airport door sideways goes to Bangkok.

Do not compromise yourself, it is all you've got.

The best things in life are self made.

When The Going Gets Tough, Everyone Leaves.

Don't be so open-minded, your brains might fall out

Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change

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