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Energy Unlimited


Four Nordex Trubines Nordex Turbine Jack at Work Repelling off the Nordex Jack is stuck Frank at Work Frank's Windmill Head Dave in action Betty & Jack Betty on a stick Close up Jack checking sensors Up the side Sodar Test


Energy Unlimited, Inc.
Energy Unlimited, Inc. operates and maintains wind power plants located primarily in the San Gorgonio Pass. The Company also conducts siting and wind resource assessment, wind turbine evaluation, site detailing, and construction management. The Company expects to expand its operations internationally and has recently begun marketing wind-powered water pumping systems. Energy Unlimited was one of the earliest participants in the wind energy industry and the company looks forward to building upon its experience with many more years of success

See EUI's Section 31 wind park in action. click here (1 Mb.  Mpeg file)

Turbine pictures and video were provided by Jack Wallace

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