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AeroVironment, Inc.

AeroVironment Inc.

AeroVironment is known for product and technology innovation in clean energy and efficient vehicles.

  • Unmanned Air Vehicles
  • Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Systems
  • Distributed Energy
  • Atmospheric Systems
  • Energy Systems Development
We are also partners in Charger Bicycles, a maker of innovative electricbicycles. Each of the business areas pursues opportunities independently, but our customers and employees frequently benefit from cross-functional collaboration between areas. All of the business areas share a common vision of efficient energy and transportation systems and a clean environment. AeroVironment combines a unique blend of vision, creativity, systems thinking, technical excellence, speed and efficiency in all of our work, from consulting and technical studies to R&D projects and new product development. Our 25 year history demonstrates that we consistently excel in creating advanced technology systems solutions. AeroVironment has become known as the company that can.





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