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Class Reunion 1994


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The New Reunion web site YHS84reunion.com

Here it is 2001 and I have yet to distribute the pictures of the 1994 reunion.

I had higher hopes of distribution,  but I've come to realize there will never enough  time.  So, instead of putting it off I  just slap it together.  Maybe some day I'll clean it up.

This section includes pictures from the reunion and a forum for YHS 1984 Classmates to keep in touch!

Leave your name & address on the address list, post a message, start a discussion, or let someone know your looking for them.

Check out the forum.  


Also here are some links to our classmates pages. Send me your URL's and I will add then to the list.

He was a Finnish exchange student   Tervetuloa Aulin ja Petrin kotisivuille



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