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Click here for the information packet.

The attached Info Package was put together in Microsoft PowerPoint.  If you don't have Microsoft Office or PowerPoint on your PC, or are a MAC User, I have a solution for you.   You can download a free copy of MS PowerPoint Viewer from http://www.microsoft .com



1) From the www.microsoft.com Home Page,  go to "Downloads".   Clicking on that link will bring you to the download page.

2) On the "Download Page", about half way down, you'll find in box that says, "Browse for Downloads".  Look for the "Product Families" Column under that box and click on "Office". 

3) On the Office Page, click on "PowerPoint Viewer 2003" and follow the instructions to download this to your PC. 

Note:  If you use a MAC in lieu of a PC, and don't have MAC's Office Viewer installed, follow the instructions to the "Download Page" above.  Next,  look at the column on the left and under "Download Categories", click on "MAC & Other"



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